How to help your people bring their best to work

I read an interesting article in The Collective magazine the other day titled ‘Before the burn’ which talked about a new phrase named the ‘Brownout’. It’s basically the step before someone goes into full blown burn out, and people who experience it often feel (but don’t show) overwhelm, disengagement and a loss of work mojo. […]

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Human Power-Homelessness

Being More Human was from day one, designed to help support, inspire and encourage Humans.  Many times those humans don’t have the financial backing or the resources needed to access help. This blog is about the joint venture between Being More Human and UQ Power (Heidi Pollard) that does the above.  From the start we […]

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Turning Water into Team Purpose

It’s deeply personal, it’s someone else’s team.  I regularly facilitate teams in various organisation big and small and across a range of industries.  But never before has it been so personal.  Let me explain. In my early career I was a humanitarian aid worker and lived in many countries working in war zones as well […]

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Us not Them

I am passionate about conversations.  Of all kinds. The one I am focused on in this blog is the conversation or the dialogue between Not For Profits (NFP’s) and Commercial organisations. Here at Being More Human we like to describe ourselves as people who have a not for profit heart and a commercial brain.  Having […]

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The Real ROI is outside the square

A few years back I delivered a series of workshops on health and wellness to a large client. Thirty two workshops were delivered in four months to over 100 employees, hard copy resources provided and one on one coaching for select individuals. Whilst many participants loved the workshops and thrived on learning how to incorporate […]

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Find Your WHY?

Do you have a feeling that there is something significant that you want to contribute in your life?  Are you stuck in the 9 to 5 rut thinking there must be something different?  Are you in a role that does not quite fit you, a little like an undersized shirt?  Are your values not quite […]

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The Redundancy Glitch

The redundancy glitch What happens when the position you love gets made redundant? After spending 5 years listening to stories from hundreds of people who were in exactly this situation, it was my turn. A Friday at 3:30 I received a “don’t come Monday” letter from my employers. As a person who was the only one […]

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Why connect?

Connection is one of the most human things we can be part of. I relish experiences of connectedness, especially discovering unique connections that people have with each other, ideas and places. The “Story-box” is an ABC 1233 invention. It is based on the idea that an unknown person who is a local will be interviewed […]

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