Spring has Sprung

Smell the flowers in bloom, The crisp air, Blue skies And  The sun shining. Have you felt those amazing senses …

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Are you connected to your true self?

Are you connected to your true self? Probably not, at least not in the deep sustaining way that brings us …

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Deep Connection

Humans thrive on connection.  Loneliness or lack of connection is one of the biggest social issues that we must grapple …

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Sneaking Up

Sometimes you can experience belonging the most, when it is snuck up on you, when you have been going about …

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Harmony Day 2019 – How tragedy influences humanity

This year is the 20th anniversary of Harmony Day. How’s the timing? We certainly need more harmony.

The Connectedness of All

Sometimes I think that the main thing that is wrong with the world is its intense disconnection.  Humans are increasingly …

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Connecting Stars

I was reminded today of the importance of honest and raw integrity and the importance of serving others.  I have …

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Head, Heart and Gut Decisions

There are numerous ways to look at the topic of connection.  This one today is about the connection that we …

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The Performance Begins

When I started my consulting business, I found I was attracting a wide range of businesses and they were asking …

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The death of workplace engagement

You don’t have to look very far through employee engagement figures to realise the picture is not good. In fact, …

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