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Early Adopter or Silent Laggard?

Do you want to be an early adopter or a silent laggard?  One of the big questions for us as organisations is how we want to adopt to change.  Do we want to be dragged kicking and screaming? I know for us at Being More Human, this question is a no brainer, we want to …

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When Workplace Mediation Goes Belly-Up

Imagine this. You’re a busy manager. You have two employees who despise each other. They’re engaged in a long-standing cold war that’s destroying productivity and killing morale. It’s only a matter of time before an untenable situation becomes unfixable. Time to unleash your secret weapon – the mediator. You know mediation works. The enemies agree …

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Are You Living Your Life?

I know on the surface that this can seem like an odd question.  In many respects of course we are all living our own lives.  Until you look a little closer and start asking people if the are doing something for a living that they are passionate about.  Some articles report up to 80% of …

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What’s to love in a tech world

There is an enormous amount of fear, suspicion and plain trepidation about the role of technology in the workplace. There are individuals with strong views who believe that technological advances in the workplace equal no jobs for humans. There are others who think that the technology of the future is just that – of the …

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