Grab your own attention

These days we have demands for our attention anywhere and everywhere we look. Our minds are taken away by the incessant social media notifications, the boss requesting a project deadline from us, our partner at home asking for us to do something on the weekend and our loving kids asking to be taken to sport …

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The Performance Begins

When I started my consulting business, I found I was attracting a wide range of businesses and they were asking for an even wider array of support.  I remember one day speaking to my business coach, feeling overwhelmed, inadequate, unworthy and having a keen sense of not performing at my best. The words that tumbled …

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Our Actions Matter

It can be easy to play small and pretend that nothing that we do has an impact on anyone else around us, doesn’t impact our team and certainly doesn’t effect the organisation that we are a part of. Sometimes if we are being very passive we can assume that no one notices anything that we …

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Early Adopter or Silent Laggard?

Do you want to be an early adopter or a silent laggard?  One of the big questions for us as organisations is how we want to adopt to change.  Do we want to be dragged kicking and screaming? I know for us at Being More Human, this question is a no brainer, we want to …

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Remembering to play

Sitting at my desk at the Dash co-working space, a sudden uproar alerted me. Looking up, I saw a nerf war in progress among the Zimpleweb team. Lots of laughter ensued. Within about 10 minutes, everything had settled down and the Nerf Warriors had returned to work. Over the following weeks, I watched with fascination …

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Fully, Totally, Completely, Responsible

Whenever I am in a situation where someone asks me what my superpower would be if I could have one, I always choose full, total and complete self-responsibility for me and for others surrounding me. This is because in an instant if we all genuinely, believed, practised and implemented it the world would become a …

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The death of workplace engagement

You don’t have to look very far through employee engagement figures to realise the picture is not good. In fact, it’s dismal. On average, the score for engagement in Australian businesses is somewhere around the 21-36 per cent depending on the statistics you use. This, of course, leaves about 70 per cent disengaged – or …

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