Individual Counselling

Mental wellness in your workplace is a legal and financial must. The health of your employees, physically, mentally and emotionally, is at the heart of their work satisfaction, loyalty and ability and desire to produce results.

Our individual counselling services cover the gap between Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) for larger businesses and the mental health needs for employees in smaller to medium sized businesses.We offer a private place for your people to go at anytime to discuss challenges both at work and externally that are impacting their mental wellbeing.

Conducted in a confidential one-on-one session, we provide guidance to help employees identify any problems affecting them and develop plans to approach and overcome them in a constructive way. The focus is on giving people the tools they need to manage themselves effectively and, as a result, boost their productivity and enhance their career and personal life.


‘Here4U’ is a program we have developed that is based on people championing the health and wellbeing of colleagues through peer support. In tough times, we turn to each other first, and this program gives employees the skills, tools and confidence necessary to effectively help and support one another when the risks and signs begin to show.

Our individual counselling services cover:

  • Supporting people’s mental wellness
  • Psychological assessment using a range of effective tools
  • Mental health peer support programs
  • Psychological services
  • Here4U training

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Our business model ensures that everyone has complete control over how, when, where and why they work. We don’t know or need to control if you are working for a day a week or seven days, the choice is entirely yours.

We take the pain away by centralising things that cause small businesses the most angst. We do all the invoicing; the follow-up of debtors and the monthly and yearly financials reports for you.

We do all of the strategy, marketing, brand presence, content production, event management and coordination, thought leadership, public speaking for you. (As much of this that you want to be involved with you can)

We have a range of ways you can collaborate with us from being a global brand to someone who wants to consult with us and only us, to a consultant who runs their own business that wants to collaborate, we are sure you could fit in somewhere.

The way we work will not suit you if, you like others to take responsibility and you want to cruise along, if you are highly structured and expect policies and procedures about everything that is done, if you want someone else to tell you when and how and where to work, it won’t suit you if you don’t believe that the combination of people, purpose and profit is worth pursuing and is likely to change the landscape for work as we know it. It will not suit you if you love the status quo, if you hate change. If you love linear thinking, huge bureaucracies and clunky organisational operations.

The way we work you will love if you respect freedom, you are passionate about human potential, you pursue this for yourself by always doing something that is different to grow as a human, if your truly believe in the goodness of humans and if you want to be part of workplaces and individuals connecting to broader society to collective change the world. If you focus more on what you can do, less on what you cannot, if you actively look for opportunities to blow your comfort zone out of the water, if you are keen to have a truly open mind and allow the environment to impact you, support you to evolve in ways that you may have not even imagined, then please give us a call on 1300 95 95 12

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0432 265 335
PO Box 1204, Newcastle NSW 2300

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