As drivers of organisational and individual change, we are passionate about sharing our knowledge and experiences with others so they too can awaken the power and potential of their people to create a thriving culture and therefore build profit.

Keynote speaking on a range of topics to inspire growth in your people and workplace is available for your organisation or event. If you do not see the topic you are looking for in the list below, our team can create a program for you.

Michelle Crawford

Chief Conversationalist • HR Guru • Entrepreneur • Public Speaker • The Ultimate Mum

Michelle is the amazing brain behind Being More Human. 20 years of experience providing guidance, leadership development, recruitment support and strengthening the culture in organisations across 20 industries has shown her one truth – modern businesses are losing their humanity. After seeing the world and meeting people from all walks of life, Michelle chose to dedicate her life to helping businesses in Australia to become more human in the way they operate and their culture.
Michelle has brought a team of human resource and organisational development experts together to increase humanity in the workplace through kindness, psychological consulting and deep, transformational change for organisations, teams and individuals.

Michelle has been recognised amongst the community and industry for her profound contribution both to the corporate world and to her much loved charities, however perhaps one of her proudest achievements is the award she has received for being the world’s best mum… she even has the mug to prove it!

Our specialist topics include:

  • People, purpose, profit, organisations – turn yours into one
  • Getting things done, a guide to achievement thinking
  • The thinking that drives innovation
  • Leadership Organisational Culture
  • Managing and inspiring performance

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0432 265 335
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