The Human Manager

Your business is only as successful as your team, from the leaders and managers through to your invaluable employees. Every individual in your business plays a significant part in your ability to perform and succeed.

Our Human Manager workshops are designed to give the leaders and managers in your organisation the tools, confidence and strengths they need to support and inspire their teams. To empower and encourage every individual to feel motivated to bring their best to work every day.Each workshop is tailored to a unique set of management skills that are necessary to transform your business from being good to great, starting internally and leading to many benefits externally. Understanding human behaviour and workplace legislation, confidently approaching difficult conversations, managing mental health concerns and feeling empowered to achieve through one-on-one coaching form the basis to the Human Manager series.

At Being More Human, we know that much of successful management comes from within yourself. Our expert presenters will equip your managers with the tools necessary to effectively manage themselves and therefore be more capable at managing others.

Each workshop is filled with energy and practical experiences to engage all learners, giving them the skills and strengths they need to create and maintain a positive and thriving work environment. Follow-up coaching is also available to help participants embed these practical skills into their daily habits and approach in the workplace.

The Human Manager workshop series includes:

  • The human workplace
  • Managing yourself and others
  • Brave conversations
  • Coaching for performance
  • Managing employees with mental health concerns

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0432 265 335
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