Why connect?

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Connection is one of the most human things we can be part of. I relish experiences of connectedness, especially discovering unique connections that people have with each other, ideas and places.

The “Story-box” is an ABC 1233 invention. It is based on the idea that an unknown person who is a local will be interviewed on ABC about life in Newcastle. Since its inception there have been over 200 successful “passing on’s” of the story-box. Here is the link to mine: https://soundcloud.com/1233newcastle/story-box-michelle-from-hamilton-11-july-2014

The ABC Story-box meets all of these definitions of connection:

con·nec·tion [ kə nékshən ]

    1. linking of people or things: the joining together of two or more people, things, or parts
    2. physical link: something that links two or more things
    3. logical link: a linking association between people, things, or events

Connection is powerful and connection with a purpose is extraordinarily so. To the extent that the right connections with the right people at the right time can get us a job, find a partner, build a business, resolve a conflict, get help when needed and even diagnose an illness – or find a cure! All of this potential can be actualised when someone or a group recognise the need and benefit to connect themselves to others.

The reality of social media makes at least the first level kind of connecting easy. The challenge is then to build on these initial connections and turn them from a social media relationship into a real live relationship with the people that matter.

This new brand to the market – Being More Human has been designed to do exactly this. Connect people, Connect ideas and Connect resources to ensure that the best possible value is delivered to clients. We would love you to check out our brand new website at www.beingmorehuman.com.au to read some more!

We want to hear from you. What HR related services do you or your business need? What small, medium or large project needs to be done? What have you left on the shelf and not dealt with related to HR? We would love to connect with you and hear your stories, feedback and ideas.

Who, what and how can you connect today?

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/michelle.crawford.1650

LinkedIn http://au.linkedin.com/in/michellecrawford163

Twitter https://twitter.com/Shellcrawford

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