Regaining Your Personal Power

In the workplace there are so many actions that we take where without even realising it we are exercising our personal power, or giving it away to others. Every day we are required to listen, speak, influence others, create ideas and to problem solve. Each of these functions and how well we do them directly […]

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Head, heart and gut decisions

There are numerous ways to look at the topic of connection. This one today is about the connection that we make between our heads and our hearts. Internally within ourselves to determine how we then operate in the external world. We often find in organisations that leaders can be very disconnected from themselves and certainly […]

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The Connectedness of All

Sometimes I think that the main thing that is wrong with the world is its intense disconnection. Humans are increasingly disconnected from themselves, not knowing what they want or what they desire and therefore often not being brave enough to go get it. They feel a faux sense of connection through social media but can’t […]

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Connecting Stars

Connecting stars

I was reminded today of the importance of honest and raw integrity and the importance of serving others. I have had the privilege to hear many people speak about leadership in my life, some leave you with an image or phase that really resonates and some with a feeling of authenticity and purpose. Sometimes you […]

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The Performance Begins

When I started my consulting business, I found I was attracting a wide range of businesses and they were asking for an even wider array of support.  I remember one day speaking to my business coach, feeling overwhelmed, inadequate, unworthy and having a keen sense of not performing at my best. The words that tumbled […]

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Making Your Motivation

Often when we talk about motivation it’s around the concept of ‘What motivates you?’ which implies something static and unchanging. That single thing that gets you motivated to perform a particular task. But that’s not really how it works is it? Here we will explore how motivation can be created in a deliberate and conscious […]

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We Are Not Broken

It feels like much of the world operates on the premise that people are broken, people are a problem, people are not performing, people are not jumping to the target that they had nothing to do with setting, people need to be somehow something that they are not, people are somehow not enough, if only […]

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