Being More Human builds human potential by working through each organisation’s layers (individual, team and business as a whole), to provide support where it’s needed and improve the micro-skills required to hold effective conversations. While we started in HR, we have grown quickly and today provide services such as executive leadership, coaching, specialist training, and all facets of HR.

Click below to gain access to our free white paper

Click below to gain access to our free white paper

One Simple Question

Do you spend the majority of your time trying to decrease costs or increase revenue?
Because these two things are polar opposites of one another.

In the quest for efficiencies people have lost context and humanity and in the process, organisations are more often than not contributing to their problems rather than being the solution. We often discover that many businesses are concentrating on the ‘what’ of human resources and totally forget the “how”. In doing so, diluting the value of their people, their most precious resource. This can only leave behind a wake of human disaster. The trick is to notice and to be able intervene before the whole population in your organisation is disengaged

By focusing on the ‘how’ the negative impact of decisions will be less and therefore less traumatic for everyone involved. Communicating effectively and transparently with your people means giving them the right amount of insight into decisions and how they have been made. It also means genuinely understanding them in order to create a culture where people will thrive. In turn, this culture creates profit.

How can we help you?

Our services are varied and can be either part of a solution or the full solution plus strategies for future success. We work collaboratively and utilise our extensive networks to provide a very experienced team of consultants to offer you and your organisation.









Our Impact

“The Being More Human team took the time to really listen to what we needed to achieve, and they provided advice about most cost-effective ways to achieve the outcomes we wanted. We had two projects happening concurrently and the two consultants we worked with impressed me by going ‘above and beyond’ by liaising with one another to ensure that our projects were integrated and consistent. I really appreciated the regular updates & that the work was finished on time at a high quality. The resulting documents were clear and provided a practical guide for implementation.”

Darleen Taylor, Firstchance Inc

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