In addition to each of these services below, we offer a full or a part outsourcing of your regular HR function. With our lovely experienced advisors on board, explore how effective this could be for your organisation. If a HR or related service is not listed please still ask us as we can connect you to the right people.

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The Human Manager

Specialist Facilitation

Individual Counselling

HR Consulting


Customised Learning Solutions

Human Centered Strategy

Some examples of our sessions include;
The Human Workplace, Brave Conversations, HR Compliance for Managers, Mental Health Management for Supervisors, The Psychology of Performance, Creating Exceptional Teams, Philanthropic Team Building – Combining your team and doing good, Advanced Customer Service, Peer support for mental health, Managing employees with mental health concerns, Developing an Achievement mindset, Developing Coaching for Performance, Navigating Change & Anxiety, Wellbeing & Performance, the Critical links.

In essence if you have some kind of challenge that is to do with people, we will be able to support you and help you with it.

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