“Where Do You Go to Get Stuff Done?”

Well here we are, entering the 3rd month of 2018 already. Christmas and holidays are a distant memory and we are finally able to focus. So why did it take so long? The breaks we have and the more laid-back vibe over Christmas and New Year are great for the mind, body...

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Remembering to play

Sitting at my desk at the Dash co-working space, a sudden uproar alerted me. Looking up, I saw a nerf war in progress among the Zimpleweb team. Lots of laughter ensued. Within about 10 minutes, everything had settled down and the Nerf Warriors had returned to work....

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It is me that needs to change!

If I am not getting the experience of the world that I want, I choose to change one of my own beliefs. I never want to be in a situation feeling like the world is being done to me, instead of that the world exists for me, and you, and you. Our ability to choose to...

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Finding your sweet spot

Guess what? I am not a mechanic, an academic or an engineer. We are human specialists. We work with a complete range of humans who are technically fantastic with what they do, they may be any of the above, they may be teachers, social workers, accountants or lawyers....

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Too Much Information

Like me, you probably find yourself scanning information regularly – on TV, Facebook, blog posts, websites, magazines, books, other social media, online courses, forums, heck, even instruction manuals. It seems like a no-brainer in the Department of Good Ideas. We’re...

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