Is balance possible or is it all bollocks?

Work Life Bollocks

Work/Life Bollocks After just coming back from a nice long break, my brain is ready for the challenge of working again.  I thought it might be fun/useful to share my thoughts on work/life bollocks -I mean balance? It’s just that when I think of it, I have never ever got to the end of a […]

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Hope at Christmas

  The weirdest xmas I ever had was in Kigali, Rwanda back in the 1990’s.  We were working in the area at the time with the Australian Contingent of forces that had been deployed to keep the peace following the Hutu/Tutsi conflict of the same period. We had been invited to a xmas function with […]

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Two Ways to be Powerful Today

We underestimate our power in everyday situations. And just to demonstrate, here is a small experiment you can conduct in your office or home today.  1.    The power to positively influence others Before your next interaction, stop. Take about two minutes to improve your current state. You can simply tell yourself to be positive, or […]

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How to save a life in 20 minutes

Neil Laybourn was walking across Waterloo bridge on his way to work on January 14th, 2008. He soon noticed in the distance a man sitting on the edge of the bridge. The guy was under-dressed for the wet blustery London morning. He seemed to just stare into the water. Neil was almost certain this guy […]

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Why us – Why Not?

Many people have asked this question.  Why Us? Recently I was brainstorming with a friend and colleague on how we would collaborate to create social impact across the community we live in and call home. We both felt as though we really wanted to make a difference in way that made best use of our […]

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How to help your people bring their best to work

I read an interesting article in The Collective magazine the other day titled ‘Before the burn’ which talked about a new phrase named the ‘Brownout’. It’s basically the step before someone goes into full blown burn out, and people who experience it often feel (but don’t show) overwhelm, disengagement and a loss of work mojo. […]

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Human Power-Homelessness

Being More Human was from day one, designed to help support, inspire and encourage Humans.  Many times those humans don’t have the financial backing or the resources needed to access help. This blog is about the joint venture between Being More Human and UQ Power (Heidi Pollard) that does the above.  From the start we […]

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Waterworks Phoenix Health 1

Turning Water into Team Purpose

It’s deeply personal, it’s someone else’s team.  I regularly facilitate teams in various organisation big and small and across a range of industries.  But never before has it been so personal.  Let me explain. In my early career I was a humanitarian aid worker and lived in many countries working in war zones as well […]

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Us not Them

I am passionate about conversations.  Of all kinds. The one I am focused on in this blog is the conversation or the dialogue between Not For Profits (NFP’s) and Commercial organisations. Here at Being More Human we like to describe ourselves as people who have a not for profit heart and a commercial brain.  Having […]

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