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Thinking about hiring a Graduate?

Recently I’ve been hanging out with a range of uni students: accounting, business, HR mainly. I am hearing very similar challenges from them around such things as knowing how to practically prepare themselves for the workforce; understanding how critical networking is to their success; working out how to compete successfully for the all-important first job; […]

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Hardcore Acceptance

What if we believed that everything in the world was for us, rather than being done to us? What if we believed that every heartbreak, struggle, annoyance, anger and grumpiness was in fact a gift for us. What if we believed that each of those things is part of the perfection of life. What if […]

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Growth through Sparkling Moments

In my early days as a consultant I was involved in some large outplacement projects, working with individuals recently made redundant and helping them prepare for life after redundancy. It often concerned me how regularly people struggled to see what qualities, skills and knowledge they brought to the workplace.   Helping people see and re-write […]

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Strategy vs Culture (1)

How does strategy impact organisational culture?

Many of the organisations that we have worked with, engage us for a number of reasons. These can be categorised into three main themes. They either; Need help fixing a cultural issue before it turns toxic, OR; Need HR/People and Culture support in recruitment and workforce planning, OR; Need Coaching and Mentoring for Personal Development. The 2nd and 3rd […]

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Goal Setting for Fruit Trees

A big thank you to Graeme Frauenfelder for his contribution to the Being More Human blog!   Imagine I decide to create a business of growing apples. I want to minimise my inputs and expenses and maximise my gains and profits. Of course I want to harvest more apples on my trees than everyone else.   […]

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