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Head, heart and gut decisions

There are numerous ways to look at the topic of connection. This one today is about the connection that we make between our heads and our hearts. Internally within ourselves to determine how we then operate in the external world. We often find in organisations that leaders can be very disconnected from themselves and certainly […]

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It is me that needs to change!

If I am not getting the experience of the world that I want, I choose to change one of my own beliefs.  I never want to be in a situation feeling like the world is being done to me, instead of that the world exists for me, and you, and you. Our ability to choose […]

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Too Much Information

Like me, you probably find yourself scanning information regularly – on TV, Facebook, blog posts, websites, magazines, books, other social media, online courses, forums, heck, even instruction manuals. It seems like a no-brainer in the Department of Good Ideas. We’re told that information is power. That investing in your education is gold. That it pays […]

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Friendship Together Bonding Unity Youth Culture Concept

How human-friendly is your office?

Your humans are the most important asset.  This is the truest business statement that I have heard but the biggest contradiction experienced within business. Actions create evidence. Do humans have to be told no to a pay rise when evidence shows they deserve it (and the business can afford it). Do humans need to be […]

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How to win friends and influence leadership

Feel like you can’t get through to leadership? The problem might be in your delivery. Try using these seven marketing tips that can be tailored to suit any situation. As an HR professional, the biggest challenge you can face when trying to influence senior leadership is misunderstanding. Quite simply, it may be you are speaking […]

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Is weight-loss really possible?

There is a justifiable and growing concern for personal and organisational health and wellbeing. Yet while the incidence of obesity rising worldwide, more people than ever are giving up on trying to lose weight. And it’s no wonder – around 80% of people who lose weight put it back on. So, is it worth trying to slim […]

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Are you an Avoider?

It breaks my heart when I hear of relationships going south just because people have not had a critical conversation. In our roles as consultants we often get to hear both sides of the story. I once worked with a Manager who was always complaining about a staff member’s work. Every session, I would coach […]

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The Gifts of Overwhelm

Raise your hand if you have ever experienced the feeling of being overwhelmed in business! I think with this group of super honest readers we would have seen every hand raised! These days there are so many expectations of us in our worlds. The irony of this is that the main cause of overwhelm is […]

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Don’t eliminate stress – do this instead

I am a therapist, and I often surprised by the courage of people who soldier on in what seems to be the most difficult of circumstances. Dealing with death, illness, abuse and impossible demands on a daily basis. You probably know someone like that because there are lots of us. We have an incredible resilience to keep […]

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