Be A Better You This Easter

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I saw an amazing example the other day of an easter egg melting in a coffee to make a mocha. It made me think of how stories meld together in your head to make your awareness and how you can no longer discern between what it coffee and what is chocolate, it just tastes fantastic!

It feels a little like the book writing process, where your experiences stories views and ideas are all melded together to form chapters and a story line.

It is such a personal and vulnerable experience writing a book, especially when you are telling stories about your own world that you don’t often tell to other people and that in many cases have been buried in your heart and soul for a very long time. In many ways it is very cathartic and I can understand why writers bloggers and journalists develop a love for their craft.

I was in the position writing my book, where I felt as though the message I had to share was important and in so many ways felt like I couldn’t not write it. So, the selfish part of writing is the therapy for me, the unselfish part is the gift to each of you who are readers.

I am giving graciously my time energy effort background history because I truly believe that for some of you that will shortcut the lessons that you learn about yourself, for some of you it will be truly transformative, for some of you it will slightly shift the way that you think about yourself and for others it will be fascinating, interesting or just plain filled with adventure.

Either way as readers we are forever affected by what we read. My wish for you is that these 2 free chapters attached to the link affect you profoundly so much so that you want to share and pass on to people in our world who may be open to this kind of a read.

Books are magical, they can read out minds. In many ways writing this has been an inspired journey with something else directing the pen!

In this instance, the first big book goal is to get to 100 presale orders before 4th May. You can help by:

  • Thinking of xmas presents that you might need? How many?
  • What about book clubs that you belong to, How many?
  • A group that you might run? How many?
  • A training program you run in organisations and need a resource for?
  • A friend or two that need something motivating and inspiring?
  • In your bookshop to feature?
  • The Leadership Adventure Retreat in Cambodia in Sep/Oct, would you like more information?


The list goes on, just to say any sharing or creative ideas that you have about making this book be available for absolutely everyone and anyone would be gratefully received!

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