PODCAST: Culture and brand

By Michelle Crawford | June 3, 2019

Hear from the founder of Being More Human, Michelle Crawford, about the difference between culture and brand.

How are you showing up?

By Michelle Crawford | May 31, 2019

We know that human beings can be the most fascinating of creatures, we also know that they can be the most fickle of creatures at the same time. What is the difference though, what makes someone show up in a way that is fascinating and someone else show up in way that is fickle? There …

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PODCAST: Are you moving toward or away from your motivation?

By Michelle Crawford | May 20, 2019

Hear from the founder of Being More Human, Michelle Crawford, about why this business was created.

PODCAST: The purpose of Being More Human

By Michelle Crawford | May 7, 2019

Hear from the founder of Being More Human, Michelle Crawford, about why this business was created.

Sneaking Up

By Michelle Crawford | March 25, 2019

Sometimes you can experience belonging the most, when it is snuck up on you, when you have been going about your daily experience and not really focusing to much on it.  It can be an unexpected reason that inspires you to see if in fact you belong. If it is in a group or a …

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Harmony Day 2019 – How tragedy influences humanity

By Vanessa McDonald | March 19, 2019

This year is the 20th anniversary of Harmony Day. How’s the timing? We certainly need more harmony.

Leadership tools from Mr. Jack Ma

By Vanessa McDonald | February 6, 2019

Hi my name is Vanessa, and I am Being More Human’s Intern Extraordinaire. Amongst interning with Being More Human, I wear many hats and one of those is that I was an Inaugural Scholar for the Ma & Morley Scholarship program at The University of Newcastle. This program honours a remarkable friendship shared by the …

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The Leadership of Sorry

By Michelle Crawford | February 3, 2019

This blog is inspired by a Facebook post of an amazing human who is in our Mastermind group. This is what she wrote.

The Connectedness of All

By Michelle Crawford | December 2, 2018

Sometimes I think that the main thing that is wrong with the world is its intense disconnection.  Humans are increasingly disconnected from themselves, not knowing what they want or what they desire and therefore often not being brave enough to go get it.  They feel a faux sense of connection through social media but can’t …

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Regaining Your Personal Power

By Michelle Crawford | November 11, 2018

In the workplace there are so many actions that we take where without even realising it we are exercising our personal power, or giving it away to others. Every day we are required to listen, speak, influence others, create ideas and to problem solve.  Each of these functions and how well we do them directly …

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