Catch People Doing Right

“Being appreciated is one of the great motivators on the job, even better than money” wrote novelist and magazine editor Janice Kaplan.

Appreciation can be such a little thing to implement. A thank you here, a smile there, a compliment somewhere else. Many people in Australian Workplaces are starving from a lack of appreciation. Certain toxic workplace cultures drive behaviours that are harsh, judgemental and critical in their nature. This is all counter productive as it leads to business indicators that the workplace cannot be proud of.

Some workplaces however understand the deep value and the commercial drivers behind appreciation. When we can focus on what is going right and we spend our time and energy rewarding what is going right, then we will get more of it. It is a psychological truism that we move toward what we focus on.

Just some of the many benefits of truly appreciating your humans include:

  1. Customer Loyalty and Engagement
  2. Increased Productivity
  3. Employee Retention
  4. Positive Company Culture
  5. Stronger Business Relationships

Each of these things, you want to be able to see in large amounts within any organisation. Focusing on gratitude and other forms of appreciation can get you there.

A Harvard piece of research shares that we need, on average we need a feedback ratio of 6 pieces of positive feedback to 1 piece of negative feedback. For many of us depending on our Workplace Culture, the ratio is implanted the other way around.

Either way it is abundantly clear that choosing to focus on the great things that people are doing around you will reap numerous personal and business rewards. Start today, catch someone around you doing right and tell them you have noticed. Good luck!

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