Get a cracking start to 2020

Do you want to get a cracking start to 2020, Make yourself stand out from the crowd by using this world first Mindset Model?

Here in Newcastle, Being More Human have developed and written about (in the Being More Human Book) a 5 stage Mindset Model that is applicable to many walks of life to help people understand what change they would like to make.

One of the challenges in the Coaching Industry is to be able to demonstrate that it is your technique or conversations that has assisted the person to move through a change process.

Implementing the Being More Human Impact Survey allows you to do exactly that. You measure the person’s Mindset before working with them. You then do your training, your coaching, your healing methodology and remeasure after a period of time.

In this way you can get objective, demonstrated results of the transformational change that your clients are making along the way.

There is not another tool on the market today that does this exact process. If you want to be an early adopter of an exciting new technology then you will love our Mindset Certification Program.

29th November 9am-1:30pm
The Open Mind Space
31 Belford Street Broadmeadow

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