Hard Core Acceptance

What if we believed that everything in the world was for us, rather than being done to us?  What if we believed that every heartbreak, struggle, annoyance, anger and grumpiness was in fact a gift for us.  What if we believed that each of those things is part of the perfection of life.

What if we learned to accept every single one of these moments, and even further than this, began to welcome them, embrace them, and even love them? Hard Core Acceptance is an idea in which an individual can make a choice in every single moment of every single day to accept things.

Here’s a minor example.  I am writing this in one of my many office spaces (cafes) and today have my car in for a service.  I went to use my phone and realised that I had left it in my car at the dealer.  Immediately, my first response was to feel grumpy, annoyed and frustrated with myself for leaving the phone.

Then, in a moment of brilliance, I decided that I would choose to believe that that had been designed for me.  If the moment was designed for me, then what was it bringing me?  A lesson in patience first and foremost (I need many of these!!), an ability to be grateful that I had an unplanned walk to go rescue my phone and therefore got some additional exercise and much needed time outside!

People speak a lot about gratefulness and it is so useful and important.  However, the step before gratefulness is hard core acceptance.  The biggest beauty of this, when you truly accept something, you stop resisting it. Nearly all of the negative angst is about resistance and a feeling of “how could this happen to me?”  In the acceptance of something, it neutralises the event’s energetic charge and then allows you to look at it differently, which then makes space in your mind and heart for choosing to be grateful.

Have fun today moving from grumpy, to hardcore acceptance, to gratefulness.

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