It is me that needs to change!

If I am not getting the experience of the world that I want, I choose to change one of my own beliefs. I never want to be in a situation feeling like the world is being done to me, instead of that the world exists for me, and you, and you.

Our ability to choose to change our beliefs is an extremely powerful thing. Personally, If I continued to have negative, harmful, demotivating, stressful experiences and DIDN’T change a belief that would not make any sense to me!

You can choose to blame others, blame the economy, blame the environment or a list of other things, but that just ensures that will continue on in a way that is fundamental disempowering. Who and how we attribute that cause of different things in our lives to can be quite telling.

Choosing the way you want to experience your life is so powerful because it means that you can actively attract into your world and your mind experiences, people, situations that you choose to be involved with, that enrich your world.

If you take the example that I often use in workshops, you could come home tonight and have all the evidence you need to prove to your partner that you have had the worst day in history, equally with the identical day you could home and convince your partner that you have had the best day ever.

Interestingly the circumstances of the day are identical, the only thing that has changed is the way you have chosen to interpret the circumstances. What version of the world you want to experience.

If there is a way to reshape your beliefs to give you a more empowering, more useful, more successful view of the world, why not use it?? Not to be Pollyanna-ish about it but simply to ensure that you regularly feel better about your world.

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