Regaining Your Personal Power

In the workplace there are so many actions that we take where without even realising it we are exercising our personal power, or giving it away to others.

Every day we are required to listen, speak, influence others, create ideas and to problem solve.  Each of these functions and how well we do them directly link to how much we have stepped into our personal power and become empowered, to allow us to do each of these things confidently and effectively.

Let’s consider some of the elements that lead us to giving our power away.  Every time we don’t have a boundary and let someone convince us to do something we do not want to or don’t believe in or are directly opposed to, we are giving up our personal power.  Every time we are caught up in what the boss will say, what others in your team will say, or what your family is going to do, and we do NOT say what we truly feel or believe about something, we lose our personal power.

A super easy way to give away our power is to use language that is in the Sufferer Mindset.  Words like, should, maybe and sorry (overuse of) are words that make your communication passive and ineffective.  This also extends to any kind of complaining that you may do about something.  If you are complaining about something you are directly giving away your power to the thing or the person or the situation that you are complaining about.

Accepting personal responsibility is the most profound action that you can take to regain your personal power.  Be very clear about what you have done and willingly accept responsibility for it.  Only then, can you move through this to other more positive feelings.

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