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There is a fundamental error in the way organisations do business. I have been privileged to have a career as a human resource consultant for a wide range of industries and organisations nationally and internationally and have discovered that there is consistently something missing.
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Being More Human is a bespoke system for change that ignites and transforms people, purpose and profit.

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Businesses that are overly focused on things that can be measured; KPIs, outcomes, the task at hand have forgotten their most important resource…the people.

The time has come for us to stop looking at numbers and figures to create results. We need to start genuinely focusing on the human beings in our workplaces. People who have unique needs, wants and desires. When we start taking care of them…the rest will take care of itself.

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This philosophy inspired the birth of Being More Human.
Our team of like-minded, visionary thinkers empower individuals and organisations to be more human in everything they do. We’ve combined a range of human resource products tools and methodologies with our team’s unique skill-sets and passion to produce an effective way to bring positive change to businesses, their leaders, staff and managers. The ripple effect on customers, clients, consumers, stakeholders and key partners is obvious and part of our impact analysis,

We are helping our clients to reap the significant benefits of understanding their ‘who’, and therefore their ‘how’. Benefits like higher staff engagement, lower staff turnover, fewer grievances and incidents, less psychological claims, a more constructive culture and, as a result, greater efficiencies and productivity.

While the journey begins with creating conversations with people to trigger the change needed, we are also on our path to our bigger picture – envisaging our impact through the global ripple effect of massive social and business change.

We’re helping people to be more human.


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