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The journey of life is different for every human being. There is not a recipe. There is not a puzzle piece. It's not a case of, "Do step one, do step two, step three." It's very much an individual journey. Our experts and representatives will give you ideas, expertise and suggestions to support you in your personal journey to living a life you love!


Tune in to create the highest version of you by becoming SuperHuman

We've just entered a brand new decade and there is no time more powerful than right now to shake things up in your life, to refresh and renew your focus. To get in touch with your intuition, discover your true purpose, heal yourself and change the world around you.

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Michelle Crawford
Michelle Crawford
Alexandria Joy
Alexandria Joy

Human Power was formed by AJ - Alexandria Joy and Michelle Crawford to be a platform, conduit and activator to support the coming together of individuals, businesses, not for profits and government to create initiatives, hold events and conduct projects supporting the achievement of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Since founding Human Power in 2016 they have conducted annual events in the areas of Homelessness, Diversity and Inclusion, World Happiness and now during the Covid-19 challenges, the Superhuman Summit, all to show the power of community, the resilience of humans and the collective conscious raising that can be achieved.

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Thank you to our speakers from The Superhuman Summit that took place earlier this year.

If you would like to watch the recordings from the Superhuman Summit or listen to them in podcast format, you can find all the links in our FREE Facebook Group - click here. Learn more about the speakers from the last summit - click here.

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