The Gifts of Overwhelm

Raise your hand if you have ever experienced the feeling of being overwhelmed in business! I think with this group of super honest readers we would have seen every hand raised!

These days there are so many expectations of us in our worlds. The irony of this is that the main cause of overwhelm is in our own heads, literally. When we choose to focus on all the things that can’t be done or are on your list as opposed to concentrating on what is doable, has been done or you know reasonably will be done. Combine this with the myriad of ways in which they are communicated no wonder we feel overwhelmed.

So what can we do? 

     1. Be super honest, realise you are your own best friend and worst enemy.

2. Turn off notifications, deal with your devices when and how you to choose to not at the  whim of the other person.

3. You manage your schedule, pre-plan short breaks, walks and daily exercise as a non negotiable into your world.

4. Not all overwhelm is equal. If you are learning something new your head will always feel overwhelmed by new information. Overwhelm in these situations is a good thing to welcome as it leads to learning. For this one, welcome the overwhelm.

5. In an open office, move. Find a work room, meeting pod or a corner somewhere. Wear ear phones, work at home or in your car. Do what you need to do to block out or create a space.  You know how you work best, create those conditions.

6. Focus on the single most important thing per day, not your whole to do list! That way every day you will go home feeling like you accomplished the thing that mattered most!

7. Realise that no human ever accomplishes everything on their to do list each day, nor will you ever, that is perfectly ok!

8. Remember NOONE is indispensable, somehow without you life would go on!

9. Ditch your to do list. Schedule each thing in a time slot in your calendar along with the one main thing per day rule. It feels fantastic!

The best one that will change everything is to ask yourself if the things that you are doing truly matter?

Are they aligned with your values?

Are the helping you move toward your purpose or your Why? If not, ditch them.

Suddenly you will free up all this space in your calendar to do what is meaningful.

Life is too short to be busy doing, why not try being?

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