Ordering the BMH Impact Survey

  • The Online Shop is to be used for ordering up to 10 surveys.

Purchasing up to 10 surveys

1.  Go to the Resources > Shop section of the   www.beingmorehuman.com.

  One purchase for 2 surveys (before and after) is $80.

2.   Complete the details (as per previous slide)

3.   Nicci sends survey link directly to participants,   Nicci schedules 2nd survey date

4.  Reports sent out to coach 24 hours after completion date

5.  Second Report is triggered to send by Nicci

6.   Email sent to participant for them to undertake the second survey

7.   Second report sent to Coach

When purchasing your surveys, please ensure that you include the following details in the “Notes” section of the online form:

1. Name of Coach, Email address of coach

2. Name of Participant(s), email addresses of participants

3. Deadline for completion

4. Date for second survey to be sent out

When purchasing 11 or more surveys:

1) Email request directly to niccir@beingmorehuman.com.au for the number of surveys

2)    In your email, include same details as requested in   online ordering process.

3) You will be invoiced directly by Being More Human

4) Invoice to be paid by you prior to processing

5) Nicci will email survey link to your participants and schedule second report

6) Process continues as per “Purchasing up to 10 surveys”

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