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Surrender as a Strategy

Recently a colleague described his need and desire to listen to his intuition, move with it and surrender to it. The word surrender literally means “to stop resisting” it means to “offer oneself to a higher power”, but my favourite definition is by Lissa Rankin “the process of surrender is taking that thing you are […]

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The power of health

The dictionary definition of “empowerment” is the process of gaining freedom and power to do what you want or to control what happens to you. I love this definition as it truly highlights what are the main 2 core elements of empowerment; gaining freedom and the power to control what happens to you. I wanted […]

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Regaining Your Personal Power

In the workplace there are so many actions that we take where without even realising it we are exercising our personal power, or giving it away to others. Every day we are required to listen, speak, influence others, create ideas and to problem solve. Each of these functions and how well we do them directly […]

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Head, heart and gut decisions

There are numerous ways to look at the topic of connection. This one today is about the connection that we make between our heads and our hearts. Internally within ourselves to determine how we then operate in the external world. We often find in organisations that leaders can be very disconnected from themselves and certainly […]

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The Connectedness of All

Sometimes I think that the main thing that is wrong with the world is its intense disconnection. Humans are increasingly disconnected from themselves, not knowing what they want or what they desire and therefore often not being brave enough to go get it. They feel a faux sense of connection through social media but can’t […]

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We Are Not Broken

It feels like much of the world operates on the premise that people are broken, people are a problem, people are not performing, people are not jumping to the target that they had nothing to do with setting, people need to be somehow something that they are not, people are somehow not enough, if only […]

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Thinking about hiring a Graduate?

Recently I’ve been hanging out with a range of uni students: accounting, business, HR mainly. I am hearing very similar challenges from them around such things as knowing how to practically prepare themselves for the workforce; understanding how critical networking is to their success; working out how to compete successfully for the all-important first job; […]

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Hardcore Acceptance

What if we believed that everything in the world was for us, rather than being done to us? What if we believed that every heartbreak, struggle, annoyance, anger and grumpiness was in fact a gift for us. What if we believed that each of those things is part of the perfection of life. What if […]

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Multitasking doesn’t exist

As seen in Hunter Headline   I have recently realised how challenging it can be for me to pay attention. Not in a one-on-one sense, but in a way where I am truly present in each moment and can achieve the true feeling of being in the moment. I’ve started personal training this year and […]

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