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The Performance Begins

When I started my consulting business, I found I was attracting a wide range of businesses and they were asking for an even wider array of support.  I remember one day speaking to my business coach, feeling overwhelmed, inadequate, unworthy and having a keen sense of not performing at my best. The words that tumbled […]

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Growth through Sparkling Moments

In my early days as a consultant I was involved in some large outplacement projects, working with individuals recently made redundant and helping them prepare for life after redundancy. It often concerned me how regularly people struggled to see what qualities, skills and knowledge they brought to the workplace.   Helping people see and re-write […]

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Remembering to play

Sitting at my desk at the Dash co-working space, a sudden uproar alerted me. Looking up, I saw a nerf war in progress among the Zimpleweb team. Lots of laughter ensued. Within about 10 minutes, everything had settled down and the Nerf Warriors had returned to work. Over the following weeks, I watched with fascination […]

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Are you an Avoider?

It breaks my heart when I hear of relationships going south just because people have not had a critical conversation. In our roles as consultants we often get to hear both sides of the story. I once worked with a Manager who was always complaining about a staff member’s work. Every session, I would coach […]

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9 tails

A Soft Landing

One of the joys of my Being More Human work is that I get to choose to work with businesses that capture my heart. Kitsu Kids is a perfect example.   Kitsu Kids provides “a soft landing for kids in crisis”   “While others see the limitations of caring for children in crisis care we […]

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