Individual counselling

Mental wellness in your workplace is a legal and financial must. The health of your employees, physically, mentally and emotionally, is at the heart of their work satisfaction, loyalty and ability and desire to produce results.

Our individual counselling services cover the gap between Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) for larger businesses and the mental health needs for employees in smaller to medium sized businesses.

We offer a private place for your people to go at anytime to discuss challenges both at work and externally that are impacting their mental wellbeing.

Conducted in a confidential one-on-one session, we provide guidance to help employees identify any problems affecting them and develop plans to approach and overcome them in a constructive way. The focus is on giving people the tools they need to manage themselves effectively and, as a result, boost their productivity and enhance their career and personal life.


‘Here4U’ is a program we have developed that is based on people championing the health and wellbeing of colleagues through peer support. In tough times, we turn to each other first, and this program gives employees the skills, tools and confidence necessary to effectively help and support one another when the risks and signs begin to show.

Our individual counselling services cover:

  • Supporting people’s mental wellness
  • Psychological assessment using a range of effective tools
  • Mental health peer support programs
  • Psychological services
  • Here4U training

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