Spring has Sprung

Smell the flowers in bloom, The crisp air, Blue skies And  The sun shining. Have you felt those amazing senses that come with the change in the seasons recently? Spring can invoke a lot of feelings… like spring cleaning, change, blossoming, new life, sunshine being the best medicine, that summer is near, days at the …

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The feeling of Spring

I love the feelings of spring. The idea that everything is suddenly possible, the freshness to your surroundings even though nothing has changed. The smell in the air of all the beautiful flowers that are coming out and blooming. It is truly the time of year when all things feel possible. With that feeling we …

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Are you connected to your true self?

Are you connected to your true self? Probably not, at least not in the deep sustaining way that brings us health, happiness and well being and allows us to walk around our days with a deep sense of fulfillment. For the vast majority of people, they are in some way disconnected from themselves, from fear, …

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Deep Connection

Humans thrive on connection.  Loneliness or lack of connection is one of the biggest social issues that we must grapple with.  Particularly as lack of connection in many instances correlates to higher levels of addiction. Connection helps people to feel as though they belong somewhere in society, it makes them feel as though they matter …

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Mind your language – How the words you say can impact your daily life

When someone says “mind your language” we usually associate it with not using profanities around our parents and grandparents and there could even be a swear jar involved.  This is not a lecture about swearing, rather is discusses how the language we use affects the results we get and how we feel about what is …

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Grab your own attention

These days we have demands for our attention anywhere and everywhere we look. Our minds are taken away by the incessant social media notifications, the boss requesting a project deadline from us, our partner at home asking for us to do something on the weekend and our loving kids asking to be taken to sport …

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How are you showing up?

We know that human beings can be the most fascinating of creatures, we also know that they can be the most fickle of creatures at the same time. What is the difference though, what makes someone show up in a way that is fascinating and someone else show up in way that is fickle? There …

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