Spring has Sprung

Smell the flowers in bloom, The crisp air, Blue skies And  The sun shining. Have you felt those amazing senses that come with the change in the seasons recently? Spring can invoke a lot of feelings… like spring cleaning, change, blossoming, new life, sunshine being the best medicine, that summer is near, days at the …

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The feeling of Spring

I love the feelings of spring. The idea that everything is suddenly possible, the freshness to your surroundings even though nothing has changed. The smell in the air of all the beautiful flowers that are coming out and blooming. It is truly the time of year when all things feel possible. With that feeling we …

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PODCAST: Are you moving toward or away from your motivation?

Hear from the founder of Being More Human, Michelle Crawford, about why this business was created.

Our Actions Matter

It can be easy to play small and pretend that nothing that we do has an impact on anyone else around us, doesn’t impact our team and certainly doesn’t effect the organisation that we are a part of. Sometimes if we are being very passive we can assume that no one notices anything that we …

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Making Your Motivation

Often when we talk about motivation it’s around the concept of ‘What motivates you?’ which implies something static and unchanging. That single thing that gets you motivated to perform a particular task. But that’s not really how it works is it? Here we will explore how motivation can be created in a deliberate and conscious …

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Motivation – Am I having a mid-life crisis?

I know right, interesting title for a piece on motivation isn’t it? What does that have to do with a blog on motivation you ask? Read on and I’ll explain. The renowned philosopher Socrates has been quoted to have coined the notion that “wisdom is knowing that we know nothing”.  He is credited with the …

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Are You Living Your Life?

I know on the surface that this can seem like an odd question.  In many respects of course we are all living our own lives.  Until you look a little closer and start asking people if the are doing something for a living that they are passionate about.  Some articles report up to 80% of …

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The sum total of our choices

Like it or lump it, this is one of those cold hard truths about life that we so often try to dodge, enragingly argue against or just plain don’t believe. We don’t like it because it feels a little to raw and honest, we don’t like it because it means we have to own our …

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Fully, Totally, Completely, Responsible

Whenever I am in a situation where someone asks me what my superpower would be if I could have one, I always choose full, total and complete self-responsibility for me and for others surrounding me. This is because in an instant if we all genuinely, believed, practised and implemented it the world would become a …

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