The feeling of Spring

I love the feelings of spring. The idea that everything is suddenly possible, the freshness to your surroundings even though nothing has changed. The smell in the air of all the beautiful flowers that are coming out and blooming. It is truly the time of year when all things feel possible.

With that feeling we can harness this energy of positivity and optimism and look at our workplaces with a new light. Asking ourselves the following questions:

  1. What do we want to keep? Many of our organisations have so many policies that are unneeded and redundant, cut them back and use the only necessary ones.
  2. What freshness do we want to bring in? There are so many ways to do things, you are bound to find some efficiencies if you go through processes that you have had for a long period of time and really check in, do we need them?
  3. What do we want to clean out? What ancient methods do you still use to do the simplest of tasks simply because you have always done it that way? Ditch them, change them, update them.
  4. What new things do we want to learn? Do you have a self-improvement list or an idea of something new and different that you want to learn? Remember you can train your brain to change from any habit to a new one that is more useful and constructive. So, give up the old inefficient one and go for something that supports the new you.

We can use each of these questions like a mini self-imposed spring audit or think Organisational declutter. Simply by doing one of these steps we can substantially change our surroundings for the better.

You of course, don’t need Spring as an excuse to do this, but what better time of year and what better excuse could you have?

Change your world with this mini audit, let us know how you go! We would love to hear how you ditched things, learned things and freshened things up in your organisation.

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