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A massive warm welcome to you for being part of the Thriving Humans Club!  A couple of important things:

  1. Navigate any way that feels comfortable to you, there is no right way
  2. Come in and out at your leisure
  3. Notice your Professional Development time building up the more you interact on the platform

The whole Thriving Humans Club concept revolves around the theoretical framework of the Organisational Culture tool the Life Styles Inventory (LSI) by Human Synergistics.  All you need to know about this tool you can find at www.human-synergistics.com.au but here is the basics.

Four blue styles of thinking add up to leadership effectiveness and therefore constructive organisational cultures.  The styles are Achievement Thinking – Getting the job done, Self Actualising Thinking – Becoming all you can possibly be, Humanistic-Encouraging Thinking – Coaching and Supporting others, Affiliative Thinking – Building High performing teams.

All content on the platform has been mapped into this model.  Therefore you can choose one style you wish to focus on and easily search the platform for content that will help you to build that thinking.  Great model, lots of integrity and super effective. Literally build your organisational culture from your couch!

We hope you love the platform and experience, we will be adding special extras each month and further development will continue to come your way.  Until then from Being More Human and Brave Wellbeing, enjoy, learn and develop.

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