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Often referred to as EI, Emotional intelligence is about having the ability to understand and manage the emotions of yourself and also those around you. Remember, the objective of a leader is to complete the task successfully, keep the team together and manage the team on an individual basis to ensure everyone is happy and playing to their strengths.
• Emotional self-awareness — knowing what one is feeling at any given time and understanding the impact those moods have on others
• Self-regulation — controlling or redirecting one’s emotions; anticipating consequences before acting on impulse
• Motivation — utilizing emotional factors to achieve goals, enjoy the learning process and persevere in the face of obstacles
• Empathy — sensing the emotions of others
• Social skills — managing relationships, inspiring others and inducing desired responses from them

The 5 characteristics of Emotional Intelligence are Self-Awareness, Self Regulation, Motivation, Empathy and Social Skills. When you become more aware of yourself and your own motivations for life then it enhances your ability to understand others. High levels of emotional intelligence improve yours and others lives substantially.

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