We Are Not Broken

It feels like much of the world operates on the premise that people are broken, people are a problem, people are not performing, people are not jumping to the target that they had nothing to do with setting, people need to be somehow something that they are not, people are somehow not enough, if only we were better, shinier, just more…

In contrast, we believe that each of us are perfect exactly as we are.  We believe that it is our woundedness that creates our magnificence, we believe it is in environments of love, acceptance and challenge that we shine.

If we are not broken, we do not need to be fixed.  Our belief is that each person, in each moment of each day is doing the best they can with the background the information and the mindset that they have at that time.  People genuinely feel they are making the right choices about their lives.

Instead of being on this obsessive need to change or to be something we are not, how humbling and powerful would it be to truly deeply accept, love, nurture and be proud of exactly the humans we are today, right now in this moment.

This doesn’t mean that there are not things we can learn to help us out along the way, none of us know everything and our openness to treating each moment as learning moment is a significant contributor to our feelings of happiness and wellbeing.

We believe inside every human is a diamond, something precious of undeniable worth.  All we need to do is to clean, polish, set free to be able to see the core inside every human.

Imagine the amount of personal energy if we could all accept ourselves and our rough edges along with accepting others.

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